Food Treatment Equipment

Electric meat slicer

meat slicer

They are not expensive and very much worth the money considering what they can do for you. The best part is that you can use them for slicing anything like cheese, breads, vegetables and other foods. So it takes the hard work out of slicing and gives you uniform slices in no time.

There are a lot of good companies which give you electric meat slicers. When buying one of these there are a few things you should keep in mind, the most important being the motor and the blade. You should always get a powerful motor which is usually of a quarter to half horsepower depending upon you usage. If you want to slice bigger pieces, it is better to go for powerful motor rather than the small one which pushes itself to the limit and overloads.

Commercial electric meat slicers have to be a powerful and durable for heavy use. Blades are also available in different sizes which range between 8’ to 14’. Again this depends upon your usage. A smaller blade would have a limited use or you will have to cut the meat into smaller chunks before using it with the smaller blade. If you slice a good quantity of meat a large blade is always better. Most of the good models are available with interchangeable blades with the option of speed control so it becomes effective and safe. When buying one, make sure that it is easy to clean with simple soap and water.

Once you start using this equipment, you will be surprised to see the amount of time it can save for you. Just buy the meat and slice it yourself with an electric meat slicer according to the thickness you want in no time.

Electric food steamer

food steamer

The good electric food steamer is the Black & Decker HS1000 Handy Steamer with Flavor Scenter Screen. When it comes to preparing delicious yet nutritious meals in just minutes, this Black & Decker food steamer is truly versatile since it can cook rice while at the same time steams chicken, fish or perhaps veggies. These features a large 4-quart steam basket for steaming almost anything, a 5-cup rice bowl for cooking rice for lunch or dinner plus a built-in egg holder for cooking eggs. To steam food, simply dial up the adjustable countdown timer to the required timing (between 0 to 75 minutes) and the food steamer will start operation in no time. Once steaming is completed, the food steamer will automatically shut-off to prevent unnecessary accident as well as to save energy. For added convenience, the food steamer incorporates water window for easier water level reference at a glance plus with an external water-fill inlet included, it allows for easier water top-up as and when it’s needed to maintain steaming operation efficiently. What’s more, for added versatility, it comes with a unique built-in flavor-scenter screen to make it easier to add herbs, seasonings and spices so as to allow the flavor to infuse into the food for delicious taste upon cooking. Some other features include a drip tray to prevent messiness, heavy-duty construction for long-lasting use as well as easy-to-clean design for simple cleanup after use.

Vacuum Sealer to keep food fresh for longer

Vacuum Sealer

Affordable but at the same time packed to the brim with enough features to make your neighbors envious, the FoodSaver V3460 is an upright vacuum sealer that boasts of a SmartSeal technology, to keep food fresh for longer. Featuring push buttons for quick operation, easily manageable control panel and built in roll storage and cutter unit, this sealer does everything on its own. In fact, it detects liquids automatically and accordingly seals bags to prevent spills. Instant crush free sealing is assured with the V3460 with a choice between 2 seal levels and 2 speeds. It also comes with an integrated bag opener that helps open previously sealed bags with ease. Two handy modes that do more than just seal food are the canister and marinate mode. When you purchase the V3460, you get complimentary set of 3 quart size bags, 2 gallon bags and a complete roll of bag material. This vacuum sealer is protected by a long 1 year warranty.

Vacuum sealers usually are a tricky equipment to handle and if you don’t read the instructions carefully the chances are that you might end up botching up the process. FoodSaver V3460 is an upright model instead of being flatter. This is one major complaint against it but after having used it for a few weeks, I have to admonish all reviewers who said it worked poorly. If only people would read the manual, they would realize that the reason behind poor sealing is their own inability to make the machine work.

The manual clearly says that you need to properly hold down the bags to engage the automatic sealing and also its liquid detection. However, once the machine recognizes what you are sealing, it gets to work and immediately produces an air tight seal. In fact, it hardly matters whether you are marinating or sealing containers, as long as you follow instructions things should work out fine.

The size of the FoodSaver is not that large and I actually managed to shove to one side of my kitchen countertop away from other appliances, when not in use. The bag roll stores away neatly inside the sealer and a built-in cutter snips the ends automatically. My only complaint against the V3460 is its poor measurement of bag length, which leaves you with about 4 inches extra all the time. For an occasional user like me, it does not matter but if you love bagging and tagging your produce or freeze meat on a weekly basis, you may find it a tad bit costly. However, on the upside, the process is so simple and hassle free that you may not mind spending a few extra dollars on bags.

  • Easy push buttons and Smart Seal technology to keep food fresher longer.
  • Upright design with automatic liquid detection, storage and cutter attachment, progress light and integrated bag opener.
  • Dual vacuum speeds and 2 seal levels for crush resistant instant seal.
  • Comes with 2 gallon bags, 3 quart bags and bag materials.
  • Can seal canisters and marinate quicker.
  • 1 year limited warranty.

Completely automated, with very little user involvement required, the V3460 is a complete sealing equipment. You can use it for food, marinating, containers and even liquid stuff. Just remember that frozen stuff seals up better and be ready to have spare bag used up more than usual. Otherwise, the FoodSaver V3460 is a perfect commercial grade vacuum sealer best suited for folks who moderately depend on a sealing equipment for their domestic requirements. Can’t comment much about sealing clothes and batteries but that should work well too.